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Resource Library

The Resource Library contains articles, documents, and websites relevant to diabetes education programs. The resources cover a variety of topics from reimbursement information to evidence of DSME efficacy.
Best Practices
Watch your Language: South Carolina developed a resource, Watch Your Language, to provide guidance about preferred language for staff and volunteers involved with program implementation.
Webinars and Education
This webinar provides an opportunity to hear from community leaders as they share their experiences seeking reimbursement from health insurance programs for their diabetes self-management programs. Speakers share their lessons learned and how they developed the additional infrastructure needed to obtain reimbursement.
The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of Diabetes Conversation Maps™ education tools for diabetes self-management education. The researchers found that Diabetes Conversation Maps™ education tools are effective for delivering DSME and encouraging behavior change in people with diabetes, which, in turn, may improve their chances of attaining a desired level of diabetes control.
Marketing and Promotion
This website has many downloadable marketing resources for DSME programs, including posters, PowerPoint presentations and brochures.
Created by the US Preventive Services Task Force, this paper takes an evidence-based approach in addressing patient health using community-clinical partnerships.
This resource guide details the importance of community-clinical partnerships in an effort to improve the patients' access to quality preventive and chronic care services.