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World Diabetes Day

11/14/2016 11:13am
Today is World Diabetes Day. Find out how you can get involved in Diabetes Awareness!

American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day


November is a busy month for diabetes awareness. November is American Diabetes Month, and World Diabetes Day falls on Monday, November 14, 2016.


Take this month to increase awareness about the growing threat posed by diabetes and encourage people to make healthy choices and changes to their lifestyles. There are a number of ways you can get involved. Below are just a few ways you can support American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day.


●       Share American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day in your newsletters.


●       Utilize American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) theme, #ThisIsDiabetes, and World Diabetes Day #WDD on social media to spread awareness.


●       Post fact sheets and posters around your office or community center:

○       Poster:

○       Fact Sheet:


●       Host a special event where families or community members can be active or learn more about diabetes health risks and local health services, and access diabetes screening.


●       Promote World Diabetes Day by taking a blue circle selfie and sharing it on your social media. More info about the blue circle selfie campaign here:


●       Want more suggestions? Here is a toolkit with even more ideas:


Explore how national diabetes organizations are observing American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day using the links below:


American Diabetes Association

American Association of Diabetes Educators

National Diabetes Education Program